Jammin’ in C Minor

Part of one of the online communities I belong to is occasionally¬†doing a solo over a provided jam track. Here’s what I did over a Cm blues track – think The Thrill is Gone or I Put A Spell On You – as a tribute to one of my favourite guitarists, Jeff Beck


Practice sessions with the new bandmates

Joined here by Dan Danilowich on drums and Robb Mann on bass. Robb sat in on a gig with me and we worked well together, so then I suggested putting a band together and we found Dan. Of course it was only after a few emails back and forth that he wrote about how my name was familiar and wondered if we’d played together before – which brought it all back to me, about 35 years ago we’d played together in the first band I joined after moving back to Calgary. I’ve heard it’s a small world….

January 2017

It’s the almost the end of the first month of a new year – and the last 12 months have seen some tumultuous events.

I put together this video to say thanks for being part of the Hardwired Community.