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I’ve been a guitarist my whole life, and now I’m sharing that passion and building something bigger for my tunes – it’s quite the journey – so please join me.

Get the backstories on my songs, the “behind the scenes” looks only select people get to see; and of course, I would like to send you my newest single “Forgotten Places” – plus my favourite song from my CD   “Luna”– both as my gift to you.

 What others are saying about my music!

  • …picture your favourite uncle, arriving in the night from a long trip and sitting down in the kitchen with his guitar… telling you stories by singing his songs. ”
    Jeremiah, Bullfrog Music Reviews
  • Smooth and melodic with a sense of experienced song writing. A long time coming but worth the wait.”
    Bruce Hubble, CJXF-FM

Vol 1. Breakfast at Epiphanies - Hardwire Speers

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Neil “Hardwire” Speers.”

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