Some of the gear I play


My main guitar is a ‘partscaster’ made from a Mighty Mite soft V profile neck and a Fender Standard Stratocaster body, which started out as Candy Apple Red, but a previous owner sanded off most of the finish – leaving bits behind and I picked it up for a great price. There is a Fender CS 69 pickup in the neck location, a DiMarzzio Red Velvet in the middle and a DiMarzzio Area 61 in the bridge position.

Other guitars include:

Fender Jimmy Vaughan Signature Stratocaster

Fender Standard Stratocaster neck on a Guitar Fetish body in black with “vintage style hand wound pickups”

Gibson 50’s Tribute Les Paul

Epiphone Les Paul Standard – currently tuned in open D for slide guitar

Ibanez AS53 semi hollow body guitar

Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar

Yamaha Guitalele

Partscaster Tele style guitar with Mighty Mite soft V neck and Guitar Fetish body, Gibson style mini humbuck in the neck position and a Fender Vintage bridge pickup

Vintage Aria semi-hollowbody guitar

Squire  P Bass

Nylon string/classical (cheap) guitar


My main amp is a Rivera Knucklehead K-Tre Reverb 55 watt combo

I also have a Traynor YGL2 30 watt combo

For backup I have a Traynor Quarterhorse amp in stomp box form


EHX Soul Food – overdrive

Ibanez Tube Screamer 30th Anniversary TS9 – overdrive

Marshall Bluesbreaker – overdrive

Marshall Vibratrem – vibrato

Boss DD7 – delay

Boss Tuner pedal

Visual Sound Axel Grease – delay

MXR Dyna Comp – compressor

MXR Smart Gate – noise gate

Dunlop Echoplex – preamp

BBE OptoStomp – compressor


Other notable gear I have owned

Framus BL 15 – vintage semi-hollowbody guitar