Honest, Gritty, Playful

Hardwire Speers creates the music
Mose Allison and Stevie Ray Vaughan
would listen to while sharing
a glass of scotch

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Cool blues, jazz and rock

Thank you for visiting my site. I’ve been playing music for quite some time now – four-plus decades now. I’ve played a lot of different styles but my main love is still jazz and blues. I’ve been combining the cool blues I grew up on with the blues-rock I’ve learned from many of my guitar heroes like SRV, Albert King, BB King, and so on.

Check out tunes from my latest EP – “Snapshot Blues”

  •     Ain't No Chicken
  •     Hey Dragonfly
  •     Wrapped Up In The Blues
  •     Snapshot Blues
  •     You Used To Call Me Baby
  •     Didn't Wake Up This Morning


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