About The Name

“I’ve been involved  in music for many years, and had never came across another Neil Speers in the industry, until I had just released my first CD (under Neil D Speers.) Found a Neil Speers in the UK who released a CD just before me. I traded emails with him – seems like a great guy.

“So, I decided to take a stage name. Now my Grandfather on dad’s side – who I never actually got to know – was “Barbwire Johnny” Speers and was famous, or infamous, throughout southern Alberta 50 years ago. If I was country singer I’d be all over ‘stealing’ that for a stage name. But I’m more blues, roots, Canadiana, singer/songwriter type of performer.

“I was talking with my friend Tedd who’s known me for several decades now, and talking through some ideas and he came up with Hardwire – which is perfect. When I was young I was deeply into tearing things apart and hardwiring audio equipment together.

“As well, I play guitar with has six “hard wires”

“It just seemed to be the right fit for who I am and what I do.”

– Neil Hardwire Speers