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Fusing gritty blues licks with a classic, smokey jazz-bar-esque aesthetic; Hardwire Speers is an established solo artist roaring onto a stage near you. The multi-talented musician brings with him a lifetime of hard-earned experience not just on the road as a guitarist and vocalist, but as a well versed wanderer on the journey of life. To date, he has released two EP’s, a full-length album and several singles; all brimming with intelligently humorous lyricism and tongue-in-cheek wordplays. He’s also toured widely, performing in a multitude of roles. From jazz-band bassist and guitar solo performer, all the way to soft-spoken acoustic-singer songwriter.

Born Neil Speers, the budding musician started out very young as a drummer in a marching band. This was before his parents bought him a guitar for his 16th birthday and his life was changed forever. Neil was captivated by the screeching glory of a well-played solo and would immerse himself in artists like Pink Floyd, Queen, and Alice Cooper. He played bass in a band throughout high-school before eventually moving onto a biker party band as their guitarist, modelling himself after players like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Frisell and Albert King. After some time touring in a Top 40s cover band in his 20’s, Neil took a step back from the road to focus on a journalism and commercial photography. For the next three decades he played in numerous casual bands, duos and a jazz trio, all the while rising to the top in his field and interviewing thousands of people from all walks of life.

To find out where he is now, you only have to look at the impressive body of work that this dedicated artist has fired out in recent years. It is brimming with the vigour of a man who truly has been there and wore the t-shirt. His latest EP “Snapshot Blues” is a raw testament to a life journey well-travelled and showcases Speers at absolute peak musical perfection. Blending the textures of jazz with a gutsy rock attitude, the long-awaited release comes nearly ten years since Neil launched back onto the scene as a solo-artist and released his debut album “Vol 1 – Breakfast at Epiphany’s”. Neil lives and breathes music, and like oxygen, couldn’t live without it. When he’s not taking on the world as a solo-artist, he’s playing bass in one of the many bands he’s in —  often taking care of much of the sound-tech too, which is where he got his nickname “Hardwire” Speers.



2008 – best original soundtrack for video at GIGI Awards, Calgary


East Coolie SpringFest 2010

MountainStock Music Festival 2009, 2008, 2007


September Winds – 2016, 5 song EP of instrumental acoustic guitar pieces

Vol. 1 – Breakfast at Epiphany’s – 2008, 11 song album

Continental Breakfast – 2006, 5 song EP


“Dang that is some smokey blues-jazz with a good classic sound to it. I could really jam to that all night I think. Great vocals.”

“This song is the real deal. It has Style! Sass! Flare! And all that Jazz! What a wonderful tune to get you up, moving your feet and singing along.”

“I like the song very much; the guitar is amazing and so are the vocals. I like the bass, and can’t leave out the drums. The whole band is exceptional.”

This song (Wrapped Up In The Blues) had a really great jazz feeling to it. Like most jazz songs I always listen to the drums and try to compare it to some great jazz drummers from the past like Buddy Rich. I thought that the drums on this song were really good and that in General on jazz songs the drumming always stands out above anything else. It was really nice to hear some singing on the song too and when I listen to Jazz I don’t really ever expect to hear singing but it was really good on this song and I enjoyed it.”

“I think this is one of the finest examples of blues music in the modern era. It has throwbacks to older generations but maintains its own sound.:


“…picture your favourite uncle, arriving in the night from a long trip and sitting down in the kitchen with his guitar… telling you stories by singing his songs. Summary: This is an enjoyable CD that just oozes Canadian flavours, like maple syrup on pancakes.”

— Jeremiah, Bullfrog Music Reviews

Hardwire Speers is a talented local singer-songwriter with a passion for folk and blues. His lyrics are both gritty and poetic and his musical creations are deeply heartfelt.”

— 80/20 Cafe review

Smooth and melodic with a sense of experienced song writing. A long time coming but worth the wait.”

— Bruce Hubble, CJXF – FM, Calgary AB

“Throughout the album’s 11 tracks, Hardwire demonstrates his solid guitar playing. His blues style captures the essence of that genre. But it’s not just blues – his fingerpicking and tasty lead guitar work suit the moods of the songs by providing interesting textures that don’t overpower.”

— TomP, CalgarySongwriters.com




“I’m Here With ……” Magazine

Featured in the Sage Advice column of I’m Here With magazine, spring 2018

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Neil Speers


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Calgary blues guitarist Neil Hardwire Speers

Calgary electric and acoustic blues and roots guitarist, singer and songwriter Neil Hardwire Speers

Acoust and electic blues guitarist Neil Hardwire Speers

PA System

We can supply a full PA system  configurable as appropriate for venues up to capacity of 500 people

When using in-house PA:

Solo show:

  • Mic line on stage for Neil vocal, we prefer to supply a microphone ,
  • Mic line for DI box (DI can be supplied by Neil)
  • Electric outlet or cord stage front for guitar electronics

Group show:

  • Mic line for Neil vocal – we prefer to supply the microphone / stand – other wise single mic and stand stage center front
  • Mic line for acoustic guitar DI box – DI box can be supplied
  • Electric outlet or cord stage front for guitar electronics
  • Electric outlets or cords stage rear for electric guitar and electric bass amps
  • Mics for guitar and bass amp, and for drums as suitable for venue size



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Bio, Notable Performances and Achievements, Discography, Reviews,Press, Photography, Stage/PA information, Videos