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Whether he is performing live, lending his talents in studio sessions, or volunteering as an advocate of music and visual arts, the dedication to the world of art of singer-songwriter, Neil “Hardwire” Speers is without question. The Calgary, Alberta-native was introduced to music at a young age by his mother would listened to jazz and classical music.

Later, Neil was influenced heavily by the likes of rock acts such as Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmore as well as the acoustic talents of Doc Watson and Leo Kotke.

An instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and composer, Neil’s songs grip fans on a personal level by exploring the themes of loss and redemption through several music genres like Blues, Canadiana, and Americana. His first full-length CD, Vol 1 – Breakfast at Epiphany’s, released in 2008 and was followed in 2015 by the five-song EP September Winds – The Art of Instrumental Acoustic Guitar. Neil also won a Best Original Soundtrack award for music he composed for an independent video detailing the culture of Calgary, Canada.

Neil has studied and played acoustic fingerstyle in both contemporary instrumental and traditional blues styles, as well as an experience electric blues, rock and jazz guitar. In his first band in high school, he played bass guitar which he continues to do for his recordings. He’s also been learning to play drums and keyboards.

His experience in performing included many dances his high school band set up and ran, then playing in a rock band that specialized in biker parties, as well as being on the road with a rock band in the early 80’s. He’s performed solo, in duos, bands and also in a three piece jazz combo.

Away from music, Neil is a professional photographer and believes that every person can be photogenic regardless of how they feel about their looks.

Ever an explorer, in 2008, he embarked on a near 7,500 kilometer journey from Vancouver to Newfoundland. The project, which Neil called Just Over the Horizon, saw him stopping to take pictures every 50 kilometers. He also loves the outdoors and enjoys camping and hiking.

Although born in Calgary, he has lived in many places throughout North America. As a child he lived in both Death Valley, Nevada during the time of nuclear testing; and Anchorage, Alaska when the Alaska Earthquake (the largest North American earthquake in recorded history) hit in 1963.

As an adult he’s lived and worked around Alberta and BC, as a musician, journalist and graphic designer.



2008 – best original soundtrack for video at GIGI Awards, Calgary


East Coolie SpringFest 2010

MountainStock Music Festival 2009, 2008, 2007


September Winds – 2016, 5 song EP of instrumental acoustic guitar pieces

Vol. 1 – Breakfast at Epiphany’s – 2008, 11 song album

Continental Breakfast – 2006, 5 song EP


“Dang that is some smokey blues-jazz with a good classic sound to it. I could really jam to that all night I think. Great vocals.”

“This song is the real deal. It has Style! Sass! Flare! And all that Jazz! What a wonderful tune to get you up, moving your feet and singing along.”

“I like the song very much; the guitar is amazing and so are the vocals. I like the bass, and can’t leave out the drums. The whole band is exceptional.”

This song (Wrapped Up In The Blues) had a really great jazz feeling to it. Like most jazz songs I always listen to the drums and try to compare it to some great jazz drummers from the past like Buddy Rich. I thought that the drums on this song were really good and that in General on jazz songs the drumming always stands out above anything else. It was really nice to hear some singing on the song too and when I listen to Jazz I don’t really ever expect to hear singing but it was really good on this song and I enjoyed it.”

“I think this is one of the finest examples of blues music in the modern era. It has throwbacks to older generations but maintains its own sound.:


“…picture your favourite uncle, arriving in the night from a long trip and sitting down in the kitchen with his guitar… telling you stories by singing his songs. Summary: This is an enjoyable CD that just oozes Canadian flavours, like maple syrup on pancakes.”

— Jeremiah, Bullfrog Music Reviews

Hardwire Speers is a talented local singer-songwriter with a passion for folk and blues. His lyrics are both gritty and poetic and his musical creations are deeply heartfelt.”

— 80/20 Cafe review

Smooth and melodic with a sense of experienced song writing. A long time coming but worth the wait.”

— Bruce Hubble, CJXF – FM, Calgary AB

“Throughout the album’s 11 tracks, Hardwire demonstrates his solid guitar playing. His blues style captures the essence of that genre. But it’s not just blues – his fingerpicking and tasty lead guitar work suit the moods of the songs by providing interesting textures that don’t overpower.”

— TomP, CalgarySongwriters.com




“I’m Here With ……” Magazine

Featured in the Sage Advice column of I’m Here With magazine, spring 2018

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Neil Speers


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Calgary blues guitarist Neil Hardwire Speers

Calgary electric and acoustic blues and roots guitarist, singer and songwriter Neil Hardwire Speers

Acoust and electic blues guitarist Neil Hardwire Speers

PA System

We can supply a full PA system  configurable as appropriate for venues up to capacity of 500 people

When using in-house PA:

Solo show:

  • Mic line on stage for Neil vocal, we prefer to supply a microphone ,
  • Mic line for DI box (DI can be supplied by Neil)
  • Electric outlet or cord stage front for guitar electronics

Group show:

  • Mic line for Neil vocal – we prefer to supply the microphone / stand – other wise single mic and stand stage center front
  • Mic line for acoustic guitar DI box – DI box can be supplied
  • Electric outlet or cord stage front for guitar electronics
  • Electric outlets or cords stage rear for electric guitar and electric bass amps
  • Mics for guitar and bass amp, and for drums as suitable for venue size



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Bio, Notable Performances and Achievements, Discography, Reviews,Press, Photography, Stage/PA information, Videos

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