Some of the gear I play


(Please note that the links to the guitars – where included – are through my Amazon Affiliate links – your support is greatly appreciated should you choose to buy from Amazon.)

My main guitars are a Fender American Deluxe and a Godin Mahogany Montreal – both of which are no longer made in the form I have, but here’s the new version of the Fender Pro Strat and the Godin Montreal.

The Fender Stratocaster is my first real love guitar – even though I’ve owned many different guitars over the years – the sound of a Strat neck pickup through a Fender amp is my version of perfect tone. The Godin is fantastic for solo gigs because it has the two humbuckers which can be coil-tapped (vertually split) to be single coil similar to Fender sounds, plus it has an LR Baggs pickup in the bridge for very good acoustic guitar sound. The newer Montreal apparenlty doesn’t have that but there are Godin’s which do feature this pickup arrangement like the Godin XTSA which is very similar to my Montreal Mahogany.

Amongst my gutiars are my Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar and a Yamaha Guitalele.

I also use a Gibson ES-339 studio, a Paul Reed Smith Mira, A Gretsch short scale bass, a parts-caster strat, and two parts-caster teles (parts-caster means I assembled them from parts I bought online.)


My main amp is a Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb (reissue) – which I’ve upgraded one of the pickups to an Eminence Ledgend 1058.

I also have a Boss Katana 100 1×12 for many solo gigs because its lighter and has quite a few usable sounds I’ve loaded in via the software.

For backup I have a Traynor Quarterhorse amp in stomp box form


Keeley D&M Drive – overdrive and boost in one, fantastic pedal

Ibanez Tube Screamer 30th Anniversary TS9 – overdrive

Marshall Bluesbreaker – overdrive

Marshall Vibratrem – vibrato

Boss DD7 – delay

Boss Tuner pedal

Visual Sound Axel Grease – delay

MXR Dyna Comp – compressor

MXR Smart Gate – noise gate

Dunlop Echoplex – preamp

BBE OptoStomp – compressor

Other notable gear I have owned

Framus BL 15 – vintage semi-hollowbody guitar