Reviews from listeners on Reverb Nation about the song Didn’t Wake Up This Morning off of Snapshot Blues

Dang that is some smokey blues jazz with a good classic sound to it. I could really jam to that all night I think. Great vocals.”

“I like the song very much; the guitar is amazing and so are the vocals. I like the bass, and can’t leave out the drums. The whole band is exceptional.”

“This song is the real deal. It has Style! Sass! Flare! And all that Jazz! What a wonderful tune to get you up, moving your feet and singing along.”

Some Reviews Of “Vol1: Breakfast at Epiphany’s”:

“…picture your favourite uncle, arriving in the night from a long trip and sitting down in the kitchen with his guitar… telling you stories by singing his songs. Summary: This is an enjoyable CD that just oozes Canadian flavours, like maple syrup on pancakes.”

— Jeremiah, Bullfrog Music Reviews

Hardwire Speers is a talented local singer-songwriter with a passion for folk and blues. His lyrics are both gritty and poetic and his musical creations are deeply heartfelt.”

— 80/20 Cafe review

Smooth and melodic with a sense of experienced song writing. A long time coming but worth the wait.”

— Bruce Hubble, CJXF – FM, Calgary AB

“Throughout the album’s 11 tracks, Hardwire demonstrates his solid guitar playing. His blues style captures the essence of that genre. But it’s not just blues – his fingerpicking and tasty lead guitar work suit the moods of the songs by providing interesting textures that don’t overpower….”

— TomP,